Triodos Microfinance Fund

Triodos Bank
Product Identification
Product type: 
(Mutual) Fund
Triodos Investment Management
Retail banks, private banks, family offices
Sustainability strategies used in the product
Exclusion of certain controversial activities: 
Selecting the best performing companies or countries in a peer group: 
- Selection method: 
Qualitative evaluation
Screening based on international norm & standards: 
Integration of non-financial criteria in the selection process: 
Focusing on specific sustainability themes: 
- Themes: 
Financial inclusion in emerging and developing economies and basic needs (renewable energy, affordable housing, sustainable agriculture,…)
Pursuing measurable societal impact: 
Engaging in a dialogue with companies and/or exercising voting rights: 

Engagement is always performed towards energy and electricity sector companies, if applicable.

Sustainability policies applied
UN Global Compact
Exclusion of companies and countries involved in UN Global Compact violations: 
Exclusion of companies significantly involved in weapons: 
Max. allowed company involvement (% of revenue): 
Max. allowed company involvement in controversial weapons (% of revenue): 
Exclusion of companies significantly involved in tobacco: 
Not relevant to the product
Fossil Fuel Extraction
Coal Extraction
Exclusion of companies significantly involved in coal extraction: 
Not relevant to the product
Unconventional Oil & Gas Extraction
Exclusion of companies significantly involved in unconventional oil & gas extraction: 
Not relevant to the product
Conventional Oil & Gas Extraction
Exclusion of laggard conventional oil & gas extraction companies: 
Portfolio exposure to the fossil energy sector (indicative): 
< 0,1%
Electricity Generation
Exclusion of laggard electricity generation companies: 
Not relevant to the product
Portfolio exposure to the non-renewable electricity utility sector (indicative): 
< 0,1%
Tolerance for improving oil & gas and electricity companies
Max. share of the portfolio: 
Other policies
Approach towards biodiversity: 
Qualitative conditions
Approach towards water use: 
Qualitative conditions
Approach towards taxation: 
Qualitative conditions
Approach towards investing in agricultural commodities: 
Part of ESG risk analysis
Policies on other topics: 
Alcohol, gambling, pornography, conflict minerals, animal testing, factory farming, fisheries, fur and special leather, deforestation, genetic engeneering, hazardous substaces and contamination, accounting and remuneration, corruption, mining.

Detailed policies can be found on the manager's website, on the product webpage (see links above) or on request by contacting the manager or distributor.

Country screening
Sustainability analysis of countries: 
Not relevant to the product
Approach towards oppressive regimes: 
Qualitative conditions
Approach towards the death penalty: 
Not yet part of analysis
Portfolio Details
Data sources used
Corporate ESG analysis data sources: 
Triodos Microfinance fund has equity positions in 20 institutions and plays an active role on the Board of Directors. In this way we bring our sustainable banking knowledge and expertise to the table and participate in the institutions’ governance and strategic development.

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